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Using Following To Stay Updated in SharePoint 2013

Hey Folks,

SharePoint 2013 introduced a number of social features to help users proactively become informed of the matters that concerns them irrespective of content whereabouts, author, or department.

Of course an initial line of setup is required for such proactive collaboration to take effect. The initial line of configuration is typically performed from the SharePoint Newsfeed tool.

Among the features of the Newsfeed tool is the following tool. This post will focus on using following to stay update on things that are important to you. There are four main objects you can follow: people, documents, sites, and tags.

The below are some of the ways you can follow the different objects. In general, to un-follow an object, go to the newsfeed section, click on the number you are following and you’ll see the stop following link

Following a Document/File

To get newsfeed updates on when a document was modified and shared with others, follow the document by selecting the document/file & clicking the “…” column next to it and then click follow

Following a Site

To get newsfeed updates on a site, follow it by navigating to the site and then clicking on Follow

Following a Person

To get newsfeed update on when a colleague tags content, changes their work status, accomplishes a task, etc., follow the person by clicking on Newsfeed and then adding them to the number of people you follow or from the person’s name in a list or library

Following a Tag

To get newsfeed on tag, On a post that includes the tag, click follow #tag, or from the newsfeed click the number of tags you are following to add more tags

Here is a 7 minute video that covers the above: