Sync a SharePoint 2013 Library to Your Computer

Hey folks,

Did you know you can sync SharePoint document libraries to your computer? This feature comes in handy if you are accustomed to working on your windows file shares or if you want users to work directly on file shares and then have the content sync back into SharePoint.

This feature is made available using the Sky Drive Pro Sync Client which is part of Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus, Pro Plus, or Standard Editions. Click here to download the free client

Once the content is synced to your computer, you can work directly on it from your computer and as long as you are online, they updates will be synced back into SharePoint.

If you are syncing a My Site document library (Sky Drive Pro,) you will be able to sync up to 20,000 items. If you are syncing a regular document library from your Team Sites, you will be able to sync up to 5,000 items. For any library, you can download files up to 2 GB.

To sync a library to your computer:

  1. Launch the Sky Drive Sync Client
  2. Input the URL for the document library you want to sync
  3. When the sync completes, you will be prompted with the address of the synced documents on your computer
  4. To Sync another document library, from your windows notification area, right click the Sky Drive Sync client icon and choose to sync another library.

Here is a short video (3:25 min) that walks through the process:

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