Configuring Incoming Email on a SharePoint 2013 Document Library

This video was shared with the European SharePoint Community. I thought I add it to my blog posts since it did receive lots of interest when shared in the past with SharePoint 2010 support.

This video walks through the process of enabling a document library to receive incoming email. The video shows how to activate the SMTP feature in Windows Server, how to configure Incoming email settings in SharePoint Central Administration and how to enable a document library to receive emails.

To Enable a SharePoint 2013 document library to receive emails, follow the following steps:

  1. Ensure the SMTP feature is activated on the SharePoint Server
  2. Configure Incoming email settings
  3. Configure a SharePoint Document Library for incoming email

Activate the SMTP Feature in Windows Server:

  • Make sure you are logged on as a local server administrator and open the Server Manager
  • Click on Features, Add Features, and browse and select the SMTP Server option. The “Add role services and features required for SMTP Server” message appears. Click Add Required Role Services, and then click Next three times.
  • On the Confirm Installation Selections form, verify that it lists SMPT server, and click Install
  • Make sure your Installation Results page appears with a successful message

Configure Incoming email settings:

  • Launch SharePoint Central Administration, select System Settings, click Configure Incoming E-mail
  • Note: If you get a message that the SMTP service is not started, follow the instructions in step 1 above on Activate SMTP Feature on SharePoint Server
  • Next to Enable Sites in This Server to Accept E-mail, select Yes.
  • Next to Settings Mode choose Automatic if you want to use Windows Server’s SMTP feature. if you want to use another email application on this server, then select Advanced and define the email drop folder where SharePoint will look for incoming email.
  • Next to use the SharePoint Directory Management Service to Create Distribution Groups and Contacts, if you choose No: Mail-enabled lists will not be listed in Active Directory as mail-enabled contacts. You can still send email to that list if you know its mail address. if you choose Yes, a corresponding mail-enabled contact in Active Directory will be created. If you choose Use Remote, this means that you have configured a remote SharePoint Directory Management Web Service and you would need to enter its URL.
  • Next to Email Server Display Address, either keep the default or enter the mail domain address for all of SharePoint’s mail-enabled lists.
  • Click Ok to save your settings

Configure a Document Library for Incoming email:

  • Switch to your document library’s settings and click incoming email settings
  • Set the option Allow This Document Library to Receive Email to Yes
  • Set the email address (Example: DocLib) to complete the email address.
  • Set the option Save Original Email to Yes. This will ensure that the mail message is stored in this library, but only the text body in the email.
  • Accept remaining default settings and click OK
  • Start your local mail client and compose a new email to the document library email address, you can include a subject, body, and attachments to see how they appear on the library. Note: the email may take a few seconds to load up on the document library.

Video length: 5:23

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