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Importing Term Sets from .CSV in SharePoint 2013

Hey Folks,

The other day I recorded a video to share with our friends over at SharePoint Europe. The video walks through the process of importing Term Sets from a comma delimited value file (.CSV) in SharePoint 2013. I thought I’d share this on my blog as well!

To import Term Sets using CSV file follow the following steps:

Create a new Term Set Group

  • In Manage Service Applications, click the Managed Metadata Service Application, and on the ribbon, click Manage
  • In the Term Store Management Tool, in the left pane, under Taxonomy Term Store, right click Managed Metadata Service and then click New Group
  • Name the new set group. (Ex: Organization) and Save

To import a Term Set File:

  • Ensure you have a .csv file with the following schema/content saved somewhere on the network
  • In the left pane, right-click on the term set Group (Ex: Organization) and click Import Term Set
  • Browse to your file, select it and click open, then click OK to save
  • Review your imported Term Set file


Video : 1:50 minutes