Where To Find Web Part Pages In SharePoint 2013

This is take-2 with Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013. Take-1 was not able to log in as a different user, too painful when you have to log in as someone else to see what their experience is. I had blogged about how to work around that on a previous post.

This time around, it is a little less serious, but still big enough in my world. When I build SharePoint sites, I use web part pages to design my page layouts and add web parts and such and the flexibility of being able to lay such content on different zones and connect web parts together hits home for me. In SharePoint 2007 and 2010 when you click Add More to create a new list, you see web part pages as an option along with just regular pages.

Well, to my surprise, with SharePoint 2013 you can only add a wiki page from either the site settings icon drop down menu or if you click on add an app. The web part page “app” isn’t surfaced on the interface? Why, not too sure. But the good news is that it is still there. Yes!

To add a web part page simply go to your site pages library and hover your mouse over Add document to see the web part page option. Too sneaky, or silly, but I personally can’t live without it.

Hope you found this helpful

Here is a video on how to get to the web part pages in SharePoint 2013.

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