Engaging in Social Newsfeeds with SharePoint 2013

Hey Folks,

Social networking has made it into SharePoint!!

As imprudent as this may sound to certain individuals who use main stream social networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, it is exciting news for us users of SharePoint. Of course, with SharePoint, the goal for most organizations is to facilitate internal communication.

This post covers newsfeeds in specific.

Social Newsfeeds in SharePoint allow you to write short messages into your Newsfeed stream whereby others can view, reply to, and like. With newsfeeds, you will be able to also track people, documents, sites, tags, and changes.

This post message is best comprehended if you watch the video. The video walks through how to post a message, reply to a message, like a message, show people, site and document following. The video also shows mentions and hash tag feeds as well as the location of where to setup your newsfeeds settings.

Video Length: 7:13

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